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bwa ha ha ha

one night i was at RIT, and i was kinda on my own natural crack (and caffeine..).. and i decided to draw on a napkin...

caption: Morbid fred
Built a snowman
He did not have a plan
Nor did he have some flan
But he did indeed make a snowman
It was a dead snowman
He built it because it was cold
And it was also snowy.

caption: Morbid fred
Likes coffee
Today he has had
Ten cups.
How much more will he have before
He falls over dead?
Maybe he allready is...
...I am...

caption: I like the dewy decimal system.
It is great fun.
Usually it is not green.
I do a dance in it's honour.
Oh great dewy decimal system,
How great you are.
Would you like some Vegemite?

caption: Oh little froggy
You are so frog-like
Sitting on that big container of instant pudding.
I will not accidentally eat or sit on you.
Good morning.

caption: Hello Mr. Cephalopod,
How are you this fine evening? I was wondering if you were going to be going to the grocery this afternoon, as I am slightly in need of a ride there myself. Anyway, I guess I will be seeing you later, possibly in some sort of coffee house or whatnot.
your dear friend,

caption: Dear Iggy-Bob,
I would be glad to give you a ride to the grocery, but it seems that I neither have a car, nor do I have a license, nor do I have the prober appendages to drive any sort of vehicle with. However, if you know of any way this can be resolved, please let me know because I am quite interested.
Mr. Cephalopod.

caption: Dear Editor,
I would like to point out that your usage of the word "the" in the fifth sentence of the eighth paragraph of the twenty-second page of your article entitled "How Telepathic Nutrient Consumption Can Help You," was sort of, possibly, maybe, ok... not incorrect.
Thank you for letting me
waste your time in a bizarre
and asinine manner,
Mr. Cephalopod.
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