Almighty Gackt (c_phoenix) wrote in killbaby_party,
Almighty Gackt

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Aparently i cannot read. the killbaby party is not my journal.

i appologize for the inconvenience... yes.
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I like how you dedicated your journal to killing babies. I like to kill babies too...Well only caucasian ones.. But hey props to you buddy. <3Marty
wow i haven't been to the kbp for a long time. I wonder if any of the members are still around.

just the caucasian ones? why so?
I'm not in it...I just noticed how it was a community and you were the first entry on it and everyone who kills babies deserves a pat on the back in my opinion...Killing caucasian babies is more fun because there is a plethora of them and you never seem to run out!...<3Marty
that is true... and it seems to be doing the world a favor as well...

plus, i'd rather talk to the other ones, not kill them.